Replace New Tab Page In Google Chrome With A Personalized ToDo Dashboard

The new tab page in Google Chrome can be replaced with a personal dashboard that consists of a ToDo list, an inspirational message and local time/weather details if needed.

This is through the Momentum extension for Chrome.

momentum extension for Google Chrome

Simply install it from here.

After installed, click on the new tab. The extension will display a sign-up page for creating an account.

Once that is done, the blank new tab page will be replaced with a stunning background, an inspirational message, a ToDo list and more.

Momentum personalized dashboard in Google Chrome

The settings for what can be displayed on this personalized dashboard can be changed by clicking the gear icon at bottom left and enabling/disabling required features.

settings icon for Momentum dashboard in Google Chrome

changing different settings for Momentum dashboard in Google Chrome

This is a useful productivity add-on that can help in managing tasks and stay focused.

All by replacing the bland new tab page with an information rich dashboard.


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