Protect Online Privacy And Quickly Clear Browsing History In Mozilla Firefox

The new version of Firefox comes with an additional privacy feature – the Forget button. This by default is not enabled but it can be activated to use.

First of all, make sure that Firefox is updated to the latest version (Help > About Firefox).

firefox version info

Now, to enable and use Forget button, first click on Menu icon.

Firefox Menu icon

Next, click on Customize.

customizing Firefox menu

Drag and drop the Forget button icon to any place from which it can be easily accessed, like next to the address bar.

Drag and drop Forget button in Firefox

Forget button visible in Firefox

Once clicked, there will be different time intervals for which the complete browsing history and cookies will be deleted.

Forget button options for clearing history and deleting cookies

These include the last 5 minutes of browsing, last 2 hours or 4 hours. Hit the Forget! button after choosing the required time period.

This deletion is a permanent action and can’t be undone, so make sure to use this feature only when needed.

Happy browsing.

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