The Increasing Use Of Mobile Apps For Sporting Events

Nowadays, being updated on the go when it comes to latest sporting events has become a lot easier and cheaper with the increasing usage of mobile apps. Also, technology has made sports a lot more interactive than before which is why creating and managing fantasy league teams is even more popular than before.


Sporting events and the entire sports domain has now significantly transformed due to mobile apps. The days of watching VHS tapes for analyzing plays and giving feedback is now replaced with apps that can list out various stats of different teams, handicaps as well as strengths and also real time updates (when the sport event is in progress). This not only makes coaching easier than before but also participating in such events convenient.


Apps that can discover new play strategies, fine tune existing ones and provide a detailed analysis on a per player and per team performance along with important stats is no longer a labor intensive task all due to growth in mobile marketplace.

This is not only limited to conventional sports. The gaming industry too has adopted use of mobile apps.

888sport is a simple and easy to use sports and bookmaking app available on iOS that can live stream a wide range of events for free. Also, it is possible to get daily horse racing tips, detailed information about different sports events for better decision making when it comes to having odds in favor.


It is simple to use and one can participate and place bets after analyzing required information that is provided within the app itself.

The 888sport app on iOS keeps track of millisecond updates on various sporting events including football, tennis, cricket, ice hockey, rugby, snooker, greyhounds, horse racing, basketball and baseball with constantly changing information about bookmaking. The app also makes it easy to place bets and facilitate pay-in and pay-out requests.

This app is an extension of one of the fastest growing bookmakers and makes participation easy – all with just a few taps.

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