How To Enable Shortcut Underlines In Windows 10

Windows 10 by default has shortcut underlines set as off. What this means is that there are no underlines that can highlight a specific letter which along with the Alt key can be a keyboard shortcut. For example : the underline below letter F in an application would mean that Alt+F is a shortcut key and so on.

This feature can be turned on though if needed. Here is how :

Access All settings from Action Center.

accessing Windows 10 settings

Next, select Ease of Access

Ease of access setting in Windows 10

Click on Keyboard.

Keyboard options for Ease of access

From Other Settings, drag the slider for shortcut underlines to On.


Different programs will now have their shortcut keys underlined.

Before enabling shortcut underlines :

Before enabling Windows 10 shortcut underlines

After enabling shortcut underlines :

After enabling Windows 10 shortcut underlines

This can be a time saver if keyboard shortcuts are frequently used.


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