How To Prevent Scan Of Specific Files And Folders In Windows Defender

Windows Defender can skip scanning specific files, folders or processes if an exclusion is added for these. This can be done if a large set of files or folders which are unchanged or inactive take significant time to be scanned and so need to be skipped. This also makes the overall PC scans quicker.

Here’s how to set file, folder and process level exclusions for Windows Defender in Windows 10 :

Access All settings from the Action Center.

windows 10 action center

Choose Update & Security.

update and security options in windows 10

Next, select Windows Defender and click on Add an exclusion.

configuring exclusions in windows defender for windows 10

Click on the + icon next to files, folders or processes.

adding files and folders for excluding from Windows Defender scans

Choose the specific files, folders or processes from the selection box for exclusion.

selecting specific files and folders for exclusion

The list will automatically be updated and display the full path of excluded objects. To remove exclusions, simply click on what needs to be removed from the list and hit Remove.

excluded files and folders from scanning in Windows Defender

Select OK to confirm the removal.

removing excluded files and folders in Windows Defender

All done.

Happy scanning.

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