How To Prevent Windows 10 From Auto Restarting After Installing Updates

Windows 10 updates feature can automatically restart PC once the updates are installed or this restart can be deferred by choosing to opt for a notification.

Here is how to delay an automatic restart whenever updates are installed in Windows 10 :

From system tray, click on Action Center and select All settings.

Action Center in Windows 10 system tray

Windows 10 action center

Choose Update & security.

windows 10 update and security settings

Click on Windows Update and select Advanced options.

advanced options in windows 10 update settings

From the drop-down menu about installing updates, select Notify to schedule restart.

choosing a restart notification after windows 10 updates are installed

All done. From now on, whenever Windows updates that need a restart are installed, the notification for that will be visible in Action Center instead of automatically restarting.

Happy updating.

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