Easily Create Websites Using WebSite X5

Creating high quality websites can be somewhat daunting as a beginner or because of time constraints.

This is where a professional website creator program like WebSite X5 can help. It is a complete website design solution that creates professional and attractive websites which are compatible with all kinds of display devices (responsive websites). It can also create e-commerce stores as well as blogs. Since it has a point and click interface, no programming skills are necessary to get started with building these websites.

It makes working with websites easy and offers a lot of features like :

  • Customizable features like adding own HTML/JSS/CSS codes
  • Collection of 400,000 royalty free images that can be used on any webpage created
  • Integration with e-commerce sites, email forms, password protected pages and other professional web elements
  • Ability to create responsive websites
  • Dedicated language support
  • 12 months of web hosting included

Using WebsiteX5 is fairly simple and has a wizard for each of the web elements that need to be created.

A quick video tutorial describes the process in creating websites through this tool :

First of all, a new project needs to be created.


Next, the General Settings wizard will offer two choices : General and Responsive.



Once the type of website to be created is finalized, it now requires selection of templates. There are a lot of templates available and they can be customized as needed based on categories as well as layout.


The Template Style menu offers various choices about the website layout, the text and navigation structure and other features like tooltips, pop-ups and so on.


The Sitemap Creation wizard is for defining the website navigation structure. New levels as well as new pages can be created here and the sitemap is displayed in a tree format for clarity.


Advanced Settings include options related to website analytics tracking code, SEO, privacy, entry page details, mobile app settings and more.


So, for adding a website analytics script like Google Analytics and SEO related tasks, simply fill up the fields related to that.


To preview how the website will appear when accessed from mobile devices, go to the Mobile App settings.


Privacy and Security settings include input fields for adding a site wide privacy policy, cookie usage policy and so on.


Finally, once the website is created and the settings configured as desired, the project can be either uploaded directly to a FTP server or be saved to hard drive through Analyse and Export. If required, the website can be analyzed and optimized and is usually recommended before exporting it via FTP.


This is a simple and easy to use program for quickly building quality websites : both regular as well as responsive.

Download Incomedia Website X5 Professional 12 from here and do try it out.

Happy web designing.


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