5 Factors That Are Redefining Online Gaming

With the increasing availability of users who prefer online gaming because of the ease of use and convenience, there are now several significant changes that have impacted the gaming industry as a whole.
Here are a 5 important features that are changing the gaming industry :

  • Service oriented : No longer are games confined to physical packaging or availability. With Internet, one can easily purchase and download games or even play online multiplayer games. This is not just applicable to video games but other gaming industries as well. Best online games (free or premium) and best online casino also use this same concept of digital product delivery.  Simply sign-up and play whatever you wish, anytime and anywhere.
  •  Signup Incentives : Users are rewarded with a signup bonus by many gaming companies. This helps in retaining them and also helps in bringing new users thereby increasing the user base.
  • Free-to-play :  F2P is Free-to-play model which is gaining popularity as more consumers now simply sign-up and test before actually buying games. This business model makes use of microtransactions (transacations within a game for which the user has to pay) while not really making it mandatory. This is a win-win situation for both the users and gaming companies as it helps in developing a targeted user base. Casual users can stay with the free model while non-casual will switch to subscription based model.
  • Cloud and mobile platform : No longer is gaming as a whole restricted to desktops or even laptops. With increasing usage of mobile devices like cellphones and tablets, gaming companies now focus on delivering a consistent user experience on computers as well as mobile devices.


Image courtesy : “Cloud computing” by Sam Johnston – Created by Sam Johnston using OmniGroup’s OmniGraffle and Inkscape (includes Computer.svg by Sasa Stefanovic)This vector image was created with Inkscape.. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

 Also, leveraging the benefits of cloud computing makes physical location rather irrelevant as users from anywhere across the world can log in and enjoy gaming.

  •  Competitions :  The use of competitions between gamers is big business. Not only it helps in brand exposure of the companies that host these competitions, users get a chance to compete and even make significant revenue. There are professional gamers who are a mainstay and in high demand.

To sum it up, these are the key features that are reshaping gaming industry but not the only ones. As technology gets even more easier to deploy as well as access, expect even more changes to come up.

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