Quickly Recover Lost And Deleted Data Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro

Recovering deleted files quickly can be a life saver especially when crucial files or data are deleted .

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional for Windows is a simple and effective tool that makes it simple to recover deleted files.

Download and install the free version from here or the pro version from here. The free version allows upto 2GB of data recovery while there is no limit in Pro or Technician editions. A comparison between different versions can be found here.

During installation, a notification regarding the source drive where this program will be installed will appear recommending not to install the program on the same drive from where data needs to be recovered.


Click Confirm to proceed with the installation.

There are two main steps in using this data recovery program : First is the selection of type of files that need to be recovered and second is the target drives where this data is located. (Also, it can be useful to check out the EaseUS detailed guide on how to retrieve deleted files).

Selecting type of files for recovery :

Click on the preferred file types that need to be recovered or for any type of file, use the All File Types option.


Selecting source path for recovery :

This will display a list of available drives/partitions. Select the specific path where scanning of deleted files will take place for recovery. Once selected, hit Scan.


There is also an additional option of Deep Scan. This will scan for the required files sector by sector and will take a longer time to finish compared to the default Scan type.


Once the scan is finished for the selected source drive/partition, all the possible files that were deleted and can be recovered are listed.

To recover specific files from those listed, drill down to the exact file name and click Recover for getting that file back.


Next, choose the destination path where that file will be recovered and stored. It is recommended not to save the recovered file/data on same source path from where it was deleted. Click Save after choosing that.


A time-stamped folder would be created which will have the recovered file in the destination path selected.


Overall, this is a simple and effective program to recover lost files or data, do give it a try.

Happy recovery!

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