How To Take Web Notes Using Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser that comes with Windows 10 has some useful features that can make web browsing much more productive. One such feature is an integrated note taking environment.

How this works is when browsing any website, if a specific note or some details related to the topic need to be added, simply open the Note feature in Edge.

note feature in Microsoft Edge

This will show a new function bar with editing tools like comment box, highlighter and free hand note taking pen.

note editor in microsoft edge

Use them as needed to jot down notes while on the specific webpage. These notes can be saved or shared.

saving and sharing web notes in microsoft edge

Sharing can be done directly via email or OneNote. They can also be saved as a web clipping to Favorites, Reading list or OneNote.

sharing saved web notes in microsoft edge

adding the saved note to reading list in microsoft edge

The web note will be saved and be available to refer to whenever required.

saved web notes using microsoft edge

Happy note-taking.

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