How To Quickly Take Notes When Using Firefox

QuickNote is a simple and useful note taking add-on for Firefox. It can be used to quickly take notes and save them if needed.

Download and install it from here.

After it is installed, the QuickNote icon will show up next to the search bar. Clicking on it opens the notes.

QuickNote icon

The settings for how these notes are displayed (whether floating, or as a sidebar, or as a new tab) and much more can be configured using the Settings tab.

QuickNote display preferences

The default number of notes that are open is 2.

QuickNote as a sidebar in Firefox

This can be changed from Settings tab. Also, a Save and Clear All icon can be enabled which will appear at the bottom of notes if required.

configuring general settings in QuickNote

Other options include customizing font size, font type, color and so on.

changing font type, color and other note preferences in QuickNote

To clear all the notes or to save them, click on the bottom icons at the end of notes.

saving QuickNote

This is a handy add-on that can be used as a scratch pad when browsing websites and trying to take notes.

Happy note taking.

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