How To Embed Instagram Images Into Web Pages

 Instagram has an awesome collection of images. These can be embedded within web pages. This is applicable not only for Instagram users but for non users as well.
To embed any image from Instagram, first click on the required image. Then, click on the 3 dots icon at the bottom right.
instagram image options
A pop-up message appears. Choose Embed
embedding images from instagram
Next, copy the embed code by choosing COPY EMBED CODE. To display the related caption along with the image that will be embedded, click Include caption, else leave it unchecked.
embed code for instagram images
The embed code will be copied. Simply paste it inside the web page where it needs to be displayed. The result will be something like below :

Nature has always inspired a sense of awe inside Portland attorney Matthew Cohen (@matthew__cohen). “I’m originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and grew up on the shore of Lake Michigan,” Matthew recalls. “I remember appreciating nature as a young child as I explored the forested shoreline of the huge lake.” Now living in the Pacific Northwest, Matthew keeps his love for the forests alive through regular adventures to waterfalls throughout Oregon and Washington with his wife, Tessa (@la_tigressa). “All of my senses are triggered when visiting waterfalls,” he shares, adding, “The air just seems cleaner and crisper near a waterfall. Once I reach the falls, I feel as if time is standing still, and I stand in awe at the story that the land and the water are telling me.” Among Matthew’s favorite waterfalls are the 136-foot (41-meter) Panther Creek Falls and the 335-foot (102-meter) multi-tiered Falls Creek Falls, both in Skamania County, Washington, as well as Spirit Falls on Oregon’s Little White Salmon River. “It’s world famous with kayakers but rarely visited by hikers,” Matthew explains of Spirit Falls. “You might be lucky enough to catch a kayaker making a run.” For more photos from Panther Creek falls, tap the blue location text above. For more photos from Matthew’s Local Lens on the waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest, check out Photo by @matthew__cohen

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Happy embedding. 🙂

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