Directly Store Attachments To OneDrive

It can be useful to directly store important documents received in emails like invoices, payment receipts and so on directly to OneDrive cloud storage so that they can be accessed from anywhere. This is better than first downloading these documents and then making an online backup.

Different types of email attachments like photos and documents in can be directly saved to OneDrive if needed. This is similar to Gmail attachments which can be directly uploaded to Google Drive.

To save these attachments to OneDrive :

Login to and open the email with attachment. At the bottom will be a link - Save to OneDrive. Click that.

saving attachments to OneDrive

The attachment will be uploaded and the progress bar at the top right of inbox will display the status. attachments uploaded to OneDrive

Once done, a new folder titled Email Attachments will be visible in OneDrive (if this is the first time an attachment is uploaded from

OneDrive folder for storing attachmentsThis will be the default OneDrive storage location for all email attachments from now on.

Happy storing.

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