Prevent RSI By Taking Regular Breaks From Computer Using Big Stretch Reminder Tool

Being glued to computer screen for a prolonged period of time is harmful to health and can cause Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

Big Stretch is an easy to use free reminder program for Windows that reminds when it is time to step away from computer as per set time intervals.

Download and install it from here.

Once installed, set the time interval for showing break notifications as needed through the Timer settings. (The default period is 20 minutes).

break interval settings in Big Stretch Reminder tool

Display notifications/reminders can be customized either as a balloon or a popup message though Display menu. Also, there is a micro-break interval setting that can be set as required.

changing how reminders are displayed

The content of these notifications can either be a custom message, inspirational quotes or RSI related useful information.

break pop-ups in Big Stretch Reminder

Audible alerts can be set through the Sounds settings. The default Windows sounds can be used or a custom sound file can be selected.


This is a simple utility but quite useful to disengage and take a much needed break especially if long hours are spent at the computer.

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