How To Reset And Restore Windows Phone 8.1

It is easy to reset and restore Windows Phone in case of any problems like botched up apps, performance issues and so on.

Before resetting, it is essential to make sure that all the data is being backed up online to Microsoft cloud. To check this, first go to Settings > System >Backup

windows phone 8.1 backup option

Ensure that whatever data that is needed after the reset is being backed up.

backup options in windows phone 8.1

Next, to perform the reset, choose Settings > System > About.

accessing phone settings in Windows phone 8.1

Scroll down and tap “Reset your phone”.

selecting the reset option for Windows phone

Choose “Yes” in the confirmation box that appears. For erasing SD card contents, enable that option if needed.

reset warning message in windows phone 8.1

The phone will reset to default settings and restart. After that, sign into Microsoft account and verify the phone, and then choose the latest backup for restoring from Microsoft cloud if needed.

Happy resetting.

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