Embed Facebook Videos To Websites

Facebook recently announced the feature of embedding videos that are posted on Facebook directly to websites.

This is a useful feature for webmasters who want visitors to stay on their website/web pages instead of clicking and being directed to the Facebook page where the videos are posted.

To embed the Facebook videos :

Go to the Facebook post that has the video. Then, click on the down arrow next to it.

embed video option through facebook post


This will show a few options. Choose “Embed video”.

The other way is to click on the video post and choosing “Options”. Then selecting “Embed video”.

embed video option from options link

The generated code can now be copied and pasted to websites where these videos need to embedded.

code for embedded Facebook  video

The detailed implementation details for different website platforms can be found here. (For WordPress, there are plugins that can do the same thing.)

Happy embedding.

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