Quickly Take And Directly Upload Screenshots Of Web Pages To imgur

Imgur Uploader is a Firefox add-on that can take screenshot of an entire web page or a selected portion of it and directly upload that as an image to the popular image sharing website imgur.com

So with a single click the web page is captured as a screenshot and uploaded to imgur.

Download and install the add-on from here.

imgur uploader Firefox add-on

Once installed, it will show up as a menu when right clicking on any web page in Firefox.

options in imgur uploader add-on for Firefox

There are several upload options here, some of them being :

Quick Upload : Directly takes the screenshot of the active webpage and uploads to imgur.

Upload + Share : Does the above and shares it across different social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and so on.

Upload Selective Screenshot : Crops the web page and only the chosen portion is uploaded as a screenshot

taking a selective screenshot using imgur uploader in Firefox
Upload from clipboard : Upload images copied to local clipboard

One feature that is lacking is the uploading of images from local computer. Overall, this however is a time saving add-on for regular imgur users.

Happy imgur-ing.

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