Quickly Scan For Viruses Using F-Secure Free Online Scanner

The free online scanner provided by F-Secure quickly scans the local Windows system for any harmful viruses and displays the results.

This is not a comprehensive scan but it does scan the important areas that are vulnerable. (For a thorough scan, use locally installed utilities Windows Defender and Malwarebytes).

Download it from here by clicking “Run now”.

f-secure online scanner

There is no installation needed. Simply run the downloaded scanner.

f-secure online scanner downloaded

Choose the interface language and hit “Start” for the scan to begin.

starting the f-secure online scanner

Wait for the scan to be finished. The scanner is lightweight and non-intrusive.

f-secure online scanner in operation

Once the scan is over, the results will be displayed. Closing the scanner will bring up the F-Secure website.

finished scan results

This is a free and useful online scanner. Others like this include VirusTotal.

Do give it a try and scan regularly using the local antivirus utilities as well as online scanners.

Happy scanning.



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