Quickly Scan Files And Folders For Disk Usage In Windows

It can be a bit tedious to exactly drill down to individual files or folders that take up a lot of space in Windows. Here is where TreeSize Free comes in handy.

It is a freeware for Windows that quickly scans entire disk and presents the granular details of all files and folders that are present.

Download and install it from here.

Once installed, click on “Scan” and choose the drives/partitions/directory for scanning.

scanning drives for files and folders in treesize free

The display options available include showing the utilization as an allocated space, percentage display, file count, values in KB/MB/GB and so on.

display options in treesize free

Each of these will show the same directory differently and in great depth.

Disk space format

disk space format display in treesize free

File count format

file count format display in treesize free

Percentage count format

percentage count format display in treesize free

To sort files and folders by size, click the number icon at extreme right.

sort contents using size in treesize free

Other than that, for nested folders, specific levels can be chosen for display. This is through “Expand” > Level number.

expanding nested directories in treesize free

During the default installation settings, it automatically integrates with Windows Explorer,. So viewing granular details about a specific folder is very simple. Right click on the folder and select TreeSize Free.

integration with windows explorer

This will display all the folder contents along with how much space is being used.

viewing individual folder contents in treesize free

A simple and very useful file explorer for Windows.

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