Delete IE Cookies And Temporary Files In Windows Phone 8.1

The temporary files, history and cookies for Internet Explorer (IE) in Windows phone 8.1 can be deleted by a couple of ways.

The quick way

Open Internet Explorer and tap the dots icon.

Then choose “Settings”.

IE settings for Windows phone

This will bring up IE settings screen.Tap “delete history” for deleting these web items.

selecting delete settings for IE in Windows phone 8.1

Hit “delete” to empty all Internet Explorer contents.

emptying IE contents in Windows phone 8.1

The longer way

This is by accessing Storage Sense.  (Also, the amount of free space can be seen through the Storage Sense feature for phone and SD card.)

Go to Settings and choose Storage Sense. Next, select “phone”.

storage sense in Windows Phone 8.1

Scroll down to “temporary files”.

accessing temporary files settings through storage sense

Tap on “Internet Explorer settings”.

IE settings through storage sense in Windows phone 8.1

This too will bring up the same “delete history” settings screen as before.

Regularly emptying these items can free up space as well.

Happy cleaning.

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