Setup Windows Phone As A Wi-Fi Hotspot

Windows Phone can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot if needed.

Enabling this is simple and it requires two things :

A working mobile data connection and “Internet Sharing” feature enabled.

To do this :

Access Windows Phone settings and choose “mobile+SIM”.

turning on data connection in windows phone

Turn the slider to on for  “Data connection” and “3G” (if needed).

enable data connection in windows phone

turn on 3g connection in windows phone

This now enables the data connection which is a prerequisite to set up Internet sharing.

Next, from settings, choose “internet sharing”.

accessing internet sharing options

Turn the slider to on for “Sharing”.

internet sharing enabled in windows phone

A tower icon will now appear on top of phone screen indicating that Internet sharing is now active.

Also, the default broadcast name and password can be edited using the bottom center pencil icon. Change these credentials as needed.

Since no other device is accessing Internet using this network, the guest count is 0.

Now, connect any other device using these credentials, the count will gradually increase as devices connect to this hotspot.

other wireless devices sharing internet through windows phone

Maximum 8 devices can be connected through this setup in Windows Phone and it can be very handy to use as a backup Internet connection or during ISP outages.

Happy sharing.

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