Quickly Fix OneDrive Problems In Windows 8.1

OneDrive online storage is integrated with Windows 8.1.

It can happen at times that some of it’s features may not work correctly. Examples of this include files/folders not getting synced or missing from local PC, the option of OneDrive not visible in the File Explorer pane and so on.

Troubleshooting these individually can take time. Fortunately, Microsoft provides a tool just for this.

Download and install OneDrive troubleshooter from here. It is a .diagcab file (Troubleshooting Pack Cabinet). Simply double click it to launch the tool.

onedrive troubleshooter tool

Once this tool is run, it will detect existing OneDrive settings. Hit Next to continue with the diagnostics process.

running the onedrive diagnostics tool

Once a problem is detected, the troubleshooter will provide with a list of solutions. In this case, resetting the OneDrive settings.

reset onedrive settings using the troubleshooter

Clicking on the suggested option will reset all OneDrive settings and will resync all the OneDrive files so the process may take a while to complete if there are a lot of files.

The other option that will be visible is about sending diagnostic information to Microsoft. Choosing this saves a log of the whole process that can be sent for further analysis if needed.

problems with onedrive fixed through troubleshooter

Once the problem is fixed, the troubleshooter will display the status for the same.

This saves time and can greatly improve productivity.

Happy troubleshooting.

(For disabling OneDrive in Windows 8.1 if required, refer to this earlier article).


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