Change The Look And Feel Of Wikipedia Articles When Using Google Chrome

Wiki by eAnswers is a Google Chrome add-on that formats the way Wikipedia articles are displayed.

When this add-on is installed, all the Wikipedia web links are redirected to Wiki eAnswers where the articles are displayed in a crisp and neat format.

Changes include sub topics for easier navigation, very legible fonts, larger photographs that are easy to see, preview of related articles and translation of articles into various different languages and more.

Download and install the add-on from here.

wiki by eanswers google chrome add-on

Once done, either use the eAnswers search function to look for Wikipedia articles or simply use any other search engine.

using the eanswers search function


Original Wikipedia article :

original wikipedia article

Wikipedia article as displayed using wiki add-on :

wikipedia article as displayed using wiki add-on in chrome

larger article photographs and fonts when using wiki add-on

To translate the article into any other language, click on the circle button at top of article and choose any of the available languages as needed.

translate wikipedia articles into different languages when using wiki add-on

Also, hovering mouse pointer over other related links will load a quick preview of that article.

quick preview of related articles when using wiki eanswers add-on

So this add-on makes Wikipedia articles lot more interesting and easier.

Happy reading.

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