Read Latest News From Firefox Sidebar Using Cliqz

Cliqz is a news aggregator app that displays various news items in Firefox sidebar.

Installing it is simple. Go here and click “Activate Cliqz”.

activating cliqz in Firefox

Choose “Enable Services” at the next prompt.

enabling cliqz services for Firefox

The Firefox sidebar will now be loaded with various news headlines from various websites.

default cliqz sidebar with news headlines

Customizing it is easy.

Click the gear icon from the sidebar and turn on/off the sidebar display or desktop notifications if needed.

customizing cliqz display options in Firefox

To select what topics or what websites to follow for news items, click the 3 horizontal lines icon and choose “Cliqz settings”.

accessing cliqz settings in Firefox

Next, select “My Groups”. (The other options of “My Account” and “My networks” would need a Cliqz account and linking to social media networks respectively. These can be skipped if only latest news need to be read without sharing them on Facebook, Twitter and so on.)

various cliqz settings in Firefox

From “My Groups”, either a topic, website, people or location can be chosen.

choosing topics of interest, websites of interest, people and location of interest in cliqz

So for following latest news about various topics, search for it or choose “Start with a topic” and enable the tick mark next to topics of interest.

adding topics of interest to stay updated with when using cliqz for Firefox

Hit “Done” when preferred topics are selected.

The Cliqz sidebar will now reload and display the news headlines from relevant topics.

cliqz sidebar showing news headlines as per custom topics selected

All in all, a lightweight productive app to keep up with latest happenings and all of it without leaving Firefox.

Happy reading.

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