Quickly Change DNS Settings In Windows Using DNS Jumper

Earlier articles described how to change DNS settings in Windows to a faster and reliable public DNS service like OpenDNS and a list of popular public DNS servers available for safer Internet browsing.

For doing this quickly in Windows, there is a simple free tool that displays a list of available public DNS services like Google DNS, OpenDNS etc and makes it easy to switch to that service. (To understand how DNS works in simple terms, here is a useful resource available as a downloadable PDF as well as an infographic.)

This tool is DNS Jumper. Download it from here.

Once installed, choose the network adapter (if multiple are present). The tool will display the current DNS settings for the selected network adapter and also provides an interface to manually edit those settings if needed.

DNS Jumper main interface

Also, the response time for current DNS servers can be checked by clicking on “Check Response Time”.

calculated access time for current DNS settings

To show available public DNS servers, select “Fastest DNS” from the main window. Then, to get the list of fastest DNS servers, hit “Find Fastest DNS” button. This will be display a list of available public DNS services with their server IPs and response time.

list of public DNS servers with their response time displayed by DNS Jumper

To apply the DNS settings from the list, simply select the public DNS service needed and hit “Apply Fastest DNS”.

This is way quicker than actually first getting the list of server IPs for public DNS services from their respective websites and then manually adding them by editing network properties in Windows.

Such a simple and powerful DNS tool for Windows.

Happy DNS changing!


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