Play The Dinosaur Game In Google Chrome

Having no Internet connectivity can be frustrating and time may seem to stop.

Google Chrome has a built-in game precisely for this. It consists of a dinosaur running and jumping through desert and trying to avoid cacti plants.

So when there is no Internet connectivity , this page is displayed in Google Chrome.


Chrome message when there is no Internet connection

The dinosaur icon actually represents a simple game that can be played from within this browser. Alternatively, you can type in the following in the adddress bar to start the game:


Simply press the up arrow key for the game to start.

Google Chrome dinosaur game

The up arrow keys makes this dinosaur jump and points are added.

restart the dinosaur game in Google Chrome

Click the center arrow loop icon for game to restart.

Play for as long as needed by not reloading the web page (even after Internet is restored) :). Or even by disconnecting from Internet and taking a break.

Happy “browsing”.

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