How To Remove Loops From Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs can be funny as well as informative. There are several free animated GIF makers online like MakeaGIF and GIFMaker.

All these animated gifs have loops that make it possible to repeat the whole image sequence over and over. This loop can be removed so that only the image gif can be extracted if needed.

A free tool to do this is in Windows is Beneton Movie GIF. Download and install it from here.

Once installed and launched, the main interface is fairly simple to navigate.

To remove the loop from animated GIFs, choose “Open” and select the source path where animated GIF file is present.

Beneton Movie GIF main interface

Once the GIF is loaded, remove the tick next to “Loop” box.

removing loop from animated GIF using Beneton Movie GIF

Save the edited GIF.

save option for saving edited GIF file

In the message window, make sure that the tick next “Loop the animation forever” isn’t checked. Hit Ok.

settings before saving the edited gif file

The edited file will now be a non-animated GIF image.

edited file as a non animated gif image

Happy editing.

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