Quickly Check Memory Usage Of Firefox Add-ons

Update as of 2023: This add-on is now depreciated

With many add-ons installed as well as many tabs opened, Mozilla Firefox can consume a lot of memory. A detailed breakdown about which add-ons are using the most memory and how much is used by Firefox itself can be a good metric to have.

A simple add-on does exactly this. (An add-on to check the memory usage of add-ons 🙂 ). This is “about:addons-memory“. Download and install it from here. No restart is needed for the add-on to get activated.

Installing about:addons-memory add-on in Firefox

As it’s name suggests, after installation, to view the detailed memory usage breakdown about Firefox, simply type in “about:add-ons-memory” in the address bar.

memory usage details by about:addons-memory add-on in Firefox

This will show a list of add-ons with their memory usage along with Firefox.

The total memory consumption is displayed at the bottom of the page. Also, to reduce memory usage, scroll down and hit “Minimize memory usage “.

minimize memory usage of Firefox using the about:addons-memory add-on

This is a handy add-on to get a quick look at which add-ons are memory hogs and can be useful in troubleshooting Firefox sluggishness or other issues.

Happy analyzing.

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