How To Schedule WordPress Posts In Advance

WordPress has a useful feature of scheduling posts in advance. This can be very useful when one is travelling , has no access to Internet or WordPress dashboard for a brief period of time.

So instead of publishing posts manually, simply roll them out as per an advanced schedule. Also, this can be of great use when publishing posts so as to coincide with peak web traffic timings of the blog/website.

Here is how to do it :

First, access WordPress time zone settings by going to “Settings” > “General”.

WordPress settings

WordPress General settings

In the “Timezone” field, enter the city or a city nearby to the ones listed based on whose time the posts need to be scheduled. Hit “Save changes”.

Selecting city for timezone in WordPress

Now, to schedule future WordPress posts, go to “Posts” >”Add New”. On the right side, click on Edit (next to “Publish immediately”).

changing publishing settings for WordPress posts

This will bring up a time and date calendar. Set the time here (24 hour format) relative to the local time zone as set before in WordPress settings.

setting a time and date schedule for WordPress posts

So if the local city time (as saved in the settings) is 6 AM and the post needs to be published at 8 AM, put the time in schedule box for that post as 08:00.


Finally, hit “Schedule”.

The post is now scheduled and will be published automatically.



Happy scheduling.

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