How To Modify Timeout Interval For Filezilla FTP Client

FileZilla the popular FTP client is simple to use for transferring files to and from different systems using FTP/SFTP.

It has the default timeout of 20 seconds. What this means is if no activity is detected within that time period, it will disconnect and try reconnecting.

For most purposes, this setting is ok but sometimes when using FileZilla to connect to a very slow remote host, or the connection is idle, this can be frustrating. However, this period can be changed.

Here is how :

Launch FileZilla and go to Edit > Settings.

changing Filezilla settingsHere, under “Connection” section, change the timeout interval from the default of 20 seconds or set it as 0 to disable it.

changing the timeout inteval in Filezilla

Click “Ok” to save these changes.

From now on, even if the FTP/SFTP connection is idle, the connection won’t be closed as quickly as when it was before. The interval can be increased as needed too.

Happy FTP-ing.


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