How To Create GIF Memes From YouTube Videos Online

YouTube has rolled out an experimental feature that enables a YouTube video to be converted into GIF image format online. [Animated GIF images can be used as funny memes or even for informational purposes.]

As of now, this YouTube feature is available only for a select channels like this. But here is how to convert  :

Go to the YouTube video that needs to be made into GIF. Click on Share button and then on GIF.

YouTube GIF creator

Specify what duration of the video needs to be converted to GIF (maximum duration for this is 6 seconds). Also specify the caption if needed that will appear on top and bottom of the GIF image when done.


specifying GIF settings for YouTube videos

Finally, hit “Create GIF” and voila! Your own GIF meme from YouTube videos.

Converted GIF meme usibg YouTube GIF creator

Since this is an experimental feature and not available for all YouTube videos, there is a neat 3rd party application GifYouTube that converts any YouTube video to GIF.

Hopefully, the official YouTube GIF creator will roll out soon for all videos as it is much lighter and faster. 🙂

Note : Free online tools like Wondershare Filmora Video Trimmer and Online Meme Maker also can be useful for making memes and trimming videos.



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