Quickly View Full Sized Images In Firefox Through Thumbnail Zoom Plus

When viewing image heavy websites, it can be time consuming to click and open images in different tabs just to view them full size.

This is where Thumbnail Zoom Plus add-on for Firefox comes in handy. Download and install it from here.

thumbnail zoom plus add-on

Once installed, simply hover the mouse over any thumbnail.

A tiny icon will pop-up next to the image and then the image expands to it’s full size.


expanding images to full-size using thumbnail zoom plus

This add-on works for most of the image rich websites like Facebook, IMDb, Twitter, Pinterest, Amazon and so on. However, the preferences for these can be changed by going to Tools > Add-ons and choosing “Options” for Thumbnail Zoom Plus.

accessing options for thumbnail zoom plus

To disable this add-on for specific websites, go to “Site Checkboxes” and remove the tick mark next to the specific website.

sites which are enabled for thumbnail zoom plus

Also, hotkeys can be configured so that images can be displayed and maximized using keyboard shortcuts. The preferences for this can be configured in the “Thumbnail Zoom Plus Preferences”.

configuring hot keys and other preferences for thumbnail zoom plus

Happy viewing.

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