Quickly Create Folders In Batch When Using Windows

Text 2 Folders is a simple Windows freeware utility that can create a lot of folders/sub-folders in one go. This is done either by importing a text file or manually.

Download and install it from here.

After launching Text 2 Folders, to create folders in bulk, first select a root folder. It can be directly inside a drive (like D: , E: , or an already existing folder).

choosing root folder in Text2Folders

After choosing the root folder, either import the folder list using a text file or select the “Manual” button and enter the details.

So, to create a folder named Planets with sub folders : Earth, Sun, Mars, the syntax will be :


The sub-folders Mars and Earth will have their own nested folders. So to keep adding these nested folders, use the “\” next to the parent folder name.

Using a text file : 

text file to import folder list in Text 2 Folders

Manually entering folder details :

Manually entering the folder list for creating in Text 2 Folders

Finally, hit the “Create Folders” button to start the process.

The  folders and sub-folders will now be created as specified.

Created batch folders using Text 2 FoldersThis is a time saving tool when wanting to create a lot of folders and sub-folders quickly.

Do give it a try.

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