Improve Firefox Memory Usage By Using Silent Tabs

Update as of 2023: This add-on is now depreciated.

With many tabs opened in Firefox for a prolonged period, it can consume a lot of memory.

Open Link In Silent Tab is a useful add-on that will open web pages in different tabs but not load them unless they are clicked upon. [This is similar to what happens when restoring previous sessions in Firefox where in tabs from before are visible on restore but not actually loaded unless switched to.]

Open Link In Silent Tab add-on for Mozilla Firefox

Download and install it from here. No Firefox restart is needed.

Once installed, when opening a web page or a web link, a new option of “Open Link in Silent Tab” will be visible. Clicking on that will open the web page / web link as a tab in background but it will not load it unless it is clicked.

open links in silent tab in Firefox

Another way to load tabs silently through this is by middle mouse click + Ctrl or by Ctrl+Alt+left click.

This is a handy add-on to prevent Firefox from becoming sluggish especially when there are a lot of tabs kept opened on a regular basis.

Happy surfing.

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