How To Transfer Bookmarks And Other Settings From Internet Explorer To Firefox

Firefox makes it easy to import bookmarks, browsing history, cookies and internet options from other browsers like Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

To do this, first access the Bookmark manager in Firefox by going to Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks.

bookmarks menu in Firefox

Now, from the “Import and Backup” menu, select “Import data from another browser”.

importing bookmarks and other items from different browsers to Firefox

Choose the browser type and hit Next.

importing bookmarks from Internet Explorer to Firefox

The default option imports eveything (favorites, Internet options, browsing history and cookies). Selectively choose what needs to be imported  and hit Next.

choosing items to import from Internet Explorer to Firefox

Finished importing bookmarks from Internet Explorer to Firefox

Once done, a separate menu will be visible in the Bookmarks drop-down displaying the bookmarks based on the browser type.

Bookmarks imported from Internet Explorer

The process is same for Google Chrome as well. Nice and simple.

Happy importing.

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