7 Ways To Effectively Search Twitter

Finding anything on Twitter can be made easy by using some of the many available search operators.

searching in Twitter

Here are some tips to use search effectively in Twitter (this example uses the search term “blue sky” to demonstrate various features):

1. Broad search : This is the default search option. Searching for blue sky will display all results that contain these phrases

2. Using OR : To search for “blue” OR “sky” OR both of them, type blue OR sky .

3.Using exact match : To return results for exact term blue sky, type the exact term with quotes  : “blue sky”

4.Exclude terms : Thesign is used to exclude specific terms. So to only search for “blue” and not “sky”, use blue -sky

5.Hashtag search : Search for any hashtag by including the # sign followed by the search phrase. Example : #bluesky

6.Source as Twitterfeed : Search for phrases only from Twitterfeed by typing the search phrase followed by twitterfeed.  Example: blue sky source:twitterfeed

7.Filter results only for hyperlinks : To display only hyperlinks pointing to a given phrase, use it with the search phrase followed by “filter” keyword.  Example: blue sky filter:links

Happy Twitter searching!

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