4 Ways To Check Website Status Online

Sometimes, websites that are available can be inaccessible from the user end. This can be because of ISP issues, system related and other factors. An earlier article covered Down For Everyone Or Just Me to check website status.

Here are 4 more different websites which will query a website and find out if it is up or not. Using them is simple and provides a good starting point when trying to troubleshoot network connectivity problems as well :

isdownorblocked.com home page

The “Top domains” page will display a list of popular websites which can be checked.

isdownorblocked top domains list


  • Is It Down Right Now : Simply enter the website name and hit “Check” to get the status. That or select which website from the list of popular websites displayed.

iidrn.com home page


  • Checksite : Enter the website address and hit “Check This Site”.

checksite.us home page isdown5b

  • Down Right Now : This is a crowd sourced website which checks website availability based on user inputs and displays a detailed report regarding website status.

downrightnow home page


downrightnow detailed report about website status

Update : Another useful tool which can check website status is Toolsiseek

Simply enter the list of websites that need to be checked and click Submit.


The results displayed will list the status codes and these results can be exported too.


Happy checking.


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