How To Manage Privacy When Posting Facebook Updates

Consider this scenario : You have a lot of Facebook contacts but only want to share status updates / posts with only those who you know. The remaining contacts although still friends need to be limited in access to your Facebook posts.

Here is how to do this : Restricted Lists.

Go to Facebook, click the inverted triangle and choose “Settings”.

accessing Facebook settings

From the “Blocking” section, under Manage Blocking, click on Edit List.

Accessing blocking settings in Facebook


Add those friends here whom you need to restrict visibility to when you post status updates.  The contacts added here won’t be notified of this (just like when unfriending anyone on Facebook).

adding contacts to restricted list in Facebook

Now, whenever updating status or sharing personal posts, choose “Friends”. This will exclude all those contacts that were added on restricted list and they won’t be able to see these updates. For rest of the updates which need to be shared with everyone, choose “Public”. This will enable all the contacts on restricted list to view them.

choosing sharing options when posting on Facebook


This is a useful way to maintain privacy without actually unfriending anyone.

Happy Facebook-ing.

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