Automatically Prevent Windows From Going To Sleep Or Locking Up

Caffeine is a lightweight freeware for Windows which prevents it from going to sleep mode, locking the screen or launch screensavers.

This can be most useful when watching any audio or video presentation or movies  uninterrupted. It does this by simulating a key press every 59 seconds thereby keeping Windows in an active state.

Download and install Caffeine from here.

Once installed, it will show up in the system tray.

Caffeine icon in system tray

It can be disabled or enable for a specific amount of time by right clicking on it.

Change activity settings for Caffeine

Also it can be disabled/enabled by double clicking the icon. White empty icon means it is disabled (empty pot).

Disabled icon for Caffeine

Other than that, the command line parameters can do other useful things like setting a custom time delay, turn off the system tray icon and so on.

command line options for Caffeine


A list of all these parameters can be found here.

A simple and useful free utility that makes watching movies much easier! 🙂

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