Take And Store Screenshots Online Using screenshot.net

Screenshot.net by Apowersoft is a simple free screenshot capture tool that is available both as a web version and as a  desktop version (for Windows and Mac),

screenshot.net home page

Along with that, it has a detailed image editor that makes editing images easy and thereby making screenshots more effective.

For web version :

For free screen capture, click on “Take Screenshot”. This will  bring up a screenshot capture interface.

screenshot.net user interface for taking screenshots

Select “Press or click here”.

Drag and click on the specific region whose screenshot needs to be captured.

choosing custom region for taking screenshots

This selected region than can be edited/shared via social media or saved locally/online if needed.

editing taken screenshots

To save this screenshot online on screenshot.net cloud (upto 1GB space), select the cloud icon (with up arrow).

choosing cloud storage for screenshots

The screenshots can be password protected too if needed.

uploading screenshots to screenshot.net cloud

The image link can be shared and viewed as and when needed.

sharing and viewing stored screenshots online in screenshot.net

Another useful addition is the facility to take screenshots of websites/web pages. To use this, click on the “Webpage Screenshot” tab and enter the web address whose screenshot needs to be taken.

webpage screenshot function in screenshot.net

This screenshot too can be edited/saved just like before.

capturing images of web pages using screenshot.net

For desktop version :

To use screenshot.net locally, download the standalone application by clicking on “Download desktop version” from the home page. Let the installation complete.

installing desktop version of screenshot.net in Windows

The user interface is the same as that of web version. Also, in both the versions, shortcut keys can be assigned and other preferences like timed capture after a certain number of milliseconds can be changed using the settings (gear) icon or via Tools > Options.

screenshot.net desktop version (Windows)

screenshot app options

Editing images :

For editing images, the source files can either be screenshots/images stored online or can be uploaded. Select “Edit Image” and either choose “Browse and Upload Images” or “Launch Editor directly”.

Online editor in screenshot.net

Opening or creating and editing images using screenshot.net image editor

Besides the standard functions like adding text to images, filling color, cropping portions and others, there are other detailed various tools in the editor available for editing screenshots including changing filters, editing layers and so on.

image editor filter settings

image editor adjustment settings

So to sum it up, screenshot.net is easy to use and has a lot of features which makes the process of taking, editing and storing screenshots very convenient.

Do give it a try!

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