Quickly Transfer Files Between Devices Without Using Cloud

Send Anywhere is a file transfer service which uses peer-peer transfer. What this means is that when compared to many other services that use the cloud technology, Send Anywhere won’t store any files in cloud or use any server in between for storing files but simply act as a transfer route.

This is a free service with no file size limitations and works on Wi-Fi as well as cellular networks.

Using Send Anywhere is very simple with the basic idea being :

From the source device, add  the files to be sent.

adding files to be sent via Send Anywhere

Doing this will automatically generate a 6 digit code which is valid for 10 minutes. (This code is used for pairing too)

Authentication code for transfer of files in Send Anywhere

At the receiving end, use this code to accept the files that are to be transferred.

Using the authentication code at receiving end when using Send Anywhere

Files are now received once the correct code is entered.

Successful file transfer using Send Anywhere

This also is applicable for cross-platform transfers. So sending and receiving files to and fro computers and mobile devices can be done as well.

Do try it out. This is a very useful service!

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