Copy Files And Backup Websites Using is a file transfer service that makes it simple to copy/backup files between various cloud storage services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, GoogleDrive, SugarSync and so on.

But what makes it even better is that it supports even SFTP and FTP transfers. Suppose a small-medium website needs to be backed up without lot of work. makes this easy to do.

For e.g : a website needs it’s content to be copied to a cloud service like say OneDrive , Dropbox, GoogleDrive and so on. All that is needed from the website end is access to SFTP/FTP.

Here is how to do it :

First sign up for free account. Transfers upto 2GB are free per transfer and so multiple transfers can be done for free. (There are paid plans as well as pay as you go plans too).

Next, click on “New Transfer” and add source and destination connectors. Connectors are basically interfaces for that facilitate end-end transfer between different cloud services. dashboard

In this case, source connector would be SFTP and destination connector would be OneDrive.

selecting connectors in

Enter the credentials for both these connectors and once validated, they will show up.

source and destination connectors added in

Choose the specific folder from the source end that needs to be backed up. (For websites, it is a good idea to backup public_html folder if needed). Select where this will be copied to on the destination end.

selecting files and folders to copy and transfer in

Start the transfer by clicking the Run button. For this transfer to be compressed, enable the “Archive” option.

starting the transfer in

The “Activity” tab will show the progress of transfer. This may take some time.

Transfers in progress in

Once the transfer is completed, the status will change from Active to Successful. There will be an email notification as well.

Successfully completed transfer in

The destination will now have the required files/folders.

backed up files and folders using

Simple and wonderful.

Happy moving.

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