Quickly Change File Details In Windows Using Attribute Changer

Attribute Changer is a freeware app for Windows that can modify various detailed attributes of files and folders just by a few clicks.

Download it from here.

Once installed, it will be integrated with Windows shell. It means that it can be directly accessed by right clicking on any file/folder and choosing “Change Attributes”.

attribute changer integrated with Windows shell

Files can be made read-only, hidden, system, compressed and so on by modifying their attributes. Also, timestamps can be modified and be made to change to any specific date if needed. This also includes setting random timestamp values by selecting a date and time range.

various options to change file attributes in attribute changer


Any changes made will be be viewed using the detailed reporting window. This will show the original as well as changed attributes of files/folders.


If “Simulation mode” is selected, then all the changes will first be previewed in the detailed reporting windows before they can be made. When this mode is selected, the title bar of Attribute Changer will display “simulation” to make sure that none of the changes are being applied in real time yet that is how they will appear in detailed reporting window.

simulation mode selected in attribute changer

Also, file names with their extensions can be converted between uppercase and lowercase with various choices.

changing file name and extension between uppercase and lowecase using attribute changer

Multiple files also can be selected in one go and have their attributes modified.

selecting multiple files for changing attributes using attribute changer

This is a simple and powerful tool that makes changing various detailed properties of files easy to change.






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