Simplify Task Management Using Trello

Trello is a productivity app that makes task management easier by organizing various projects in a structured way.

For Windows 8/8.1, get it from the app store here.

Trello in Windows 8 app store

Once installed, first create a new account and then login.

Signing in to Trello

Creating a new account in Trello

The way Trello works is by organizing tasks in a framework : Boards and Cards. So, to start a new project, from the “boards” section, right click and choose “Create a new board”. If needed, use the “Pick contacts” to add members to this board for collaborating.

Adding a new board in Trello

Creating a new board in Trello

In this new board, organize individual tasks in the form of cards. The useful feature here is the division of cards in three main categories : To Do, Doing and Done. The cards can be shuffled between these three columns depending on their progress. New cards for different tasks can be added by choosing “Add card”.


Creating and organizing cards in Trello


These cards can be managed by setting a deadline, assigning members and so on. This provides a simple way of collaborating and keeping projects at hand on track by properly managing the individual cards.

Editing board details in Trello

Also, the Trello app automatically synchronizes and so the same progress can be tracked via it’s web version as as well.

Trello web version

This is a lightweight and simple to use task management tool. Do give it at try.


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