Quickly Take Various Types Of Screenshots In Windows Using Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor is a useful screenshot utility for Windows. It has many features like taking screenshots of specific regions, whole window, scrolling window, from a scanner, from a webcam and so on.

The personal version is free to use. Download and install it from here. The product website can be accessed here for various news and updates.

Once installed, there will be a toolbar displaying various options regarding capture of screenshots.

screenshot captor toolbar

This toolbar will also be minimized and be active in system tray.

screenshot captor running in system tray

various screenshot preferences for screenshot capture

Taking a screenshot is easy. The following are some of the useful keyboard shortcuts for various screenshot types :

  • Current screen  : PrtScr
  • Active Window  : Alt + PrtScr
  • A specific region : Shift + PrtScr
  • A fixed size region : Ctrl + Alt + PrtScr
  • Scrolling window : Ctrl + Shift + PrtScr

The screenshots can be saved as image files of different types like PNG, JPEG and so on.

saving screenshots in screenshot captor

Double clicking the Screenshot Captor icon from the system tray launches the image editor. It can be used to add various effects to screenshots, also multiple screenshots can be combined in a single PDF or a GIF file.

editing screenshots using the screenshot captor image editor

Lightweight and effective screenshot utility with many image editing features. Do give it a try.

(Another similar utility for taking screenshots in Windows is Greenshot. Check it out here.)

Happy screen capturing!

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