How To Reset Master Password In Firefox

Firefox has a built-in feature of master password. This is basically one main password which is used to store login details of various websites visited (if the “Remember password” option is selected everytime a website is visited).

An earlier article described how to use it.

Now what if the master password is forgotten or compromised? For this, Firefox has a useful setting which will reset this password and along with it wipe all the saved login info (passwords, usernames, form data and so on). So, resetting master password won’t enable anyone to see previously stored sensitive info. 🙂

Here is how to reset it :

1. In the address bar, type the following and hit Enter :


Resetting master password in Firefox

This will load a page that displays the warning about erasing all the previously stored passwords, form data, private keys and other information. Hit “Reset”.

Reset page for master password feature in Firefox

The confirmation box will pop up displaying that master password is reset.

Master password reset complete in Firefox

All done. The master password is now reset and none of the previously stored login credentials will be available. (For security purposes, completely skip using the master password feature to store login info when using a shared computer).

Happy browsing.

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