Send Self Reminders Using NudgeMail

NudgeMail is a useful productivity tool that allows to send email reminders to self.

To use this, first go to NudgeMail and enter the email address where these reminders will be received.

NudgeMail homepage

Check the received email for some useful tips about how to schedule self reminders.

NudgeMail welcome email

Suppose, to send a self reminder after 5 mins, simply send a email to nudge [at] and use the subject : 5 minutes.

Setting a reminder using NudgeMail

Also, once any reminder is set for the first time, a confirmation email will be received mentioning some useful tips like how to modify the set alerts, how to directly schedule self-reminders on a specific date and so on :

Reminder conformation email in NudgeMail

Once the set time has arrived, the reminder will land up in the inbox :

Reminder email sent using NudgeMail

This can be an awesome tool to organize tasks and maintain productivity.

Happy NudgeMail-ing!

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