How To Make Google Chrome Read Text Out Loud

Chrome Speak is a text to speech translator add-on for Google Chrome and works on Windows, Mac OS X and Chrome OS.

Chrome Speak add-on

It uses the speech synthesis features on each of these operating systems and functions as a speech engine. Since it works offline, the text-speech function is very quick with no lag.

What this means is that any selected text can be read out aloud when accessing websites in Google Chrome.

Download and install Chrome Speak from here.

After it is installed, simply select the line(s) of text that need to be converted to speech, right click and choose “Read selected text”.

translating text to speech using Chrome Speak

To customize speech settings, access Control Panel and choose “Speech Recognition”.
Accessing Speech Recognition feature in Windows


Over here, from the “Text to Speech” tab, change various settings like voice type, voice speed and so on as needed.

Customizing Text to Speech settings in Windows

Very cool and useful add-on. 🙂

Happy Chrome Speak-ing!

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