Create Detailed Web Alerts Using mention

mention is a web alerts management service that provides detailed insights and trends of created web alerts. The basic plan is free and is limited for 1 user, 1 alert and 100 mentions per month. Initial sign up automatically activates a free 30 day upgrade to business plan (1 user, 10 alerts and 100,000 mentions / month) and after that switches to the basic plan.

To sign up, go to mention and enter the email address.

mention web alerts home page

The mention app is available either as a stand alone web app and for Android, iPhone, Windows and for Chrome. This example shows the web app interface.

app choices for downloading and using mention

features of mention web alerts service

To create alerts, first set an alert name followed by the keywords that need to be monitored. Also, choose which languages need to be covered for these alerts.

creating web alerts in mention

Next,choose the web sources that need to be monitored (social media networks, forums, blogs, news and so on).Keep the Anti-Noise technology as on as this “learns” which mentions are relevant (based on mentions that are deleted) and which are not. Also, block websites that do not need to be monitored for the alerts. Finally, hit “Create my alert”.

choosing web sources for created alerts in mention

There are certain useful features once these alerts are set. These include sentiment analysis (shows the trend and time period of mentions), collaboration with team members by creating tasks for mentions and assigning them to work on these. Actions associated with each of these mentions include : reading them, sharing them or reacting to them.

analysing sentiments, trends and collaborating tasks associated with created alerts in mention


The individual mentions are also actionable, choose any of them and decide what to do by clicking on “React” :

actions associated with mentions

Also, it supports Twitter, Facebook and Buffer integration. So simply adding these accounts and posting status updates straight from the mention dashboard is convenient.

twitter and facebook integration in mention

Do give it a try.

Happy mention-ing!

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