VertrigoServ : A Simple And Useful WAMP Environment For Windows

VertrigoServ is a lightweight and easy to use WAMP (Windows + Apache + PHP + MySQL) server. This is very useful when wanting to setup Windows system as a test server for building / testing web apps.

It comes with the following components : Apache, PHP, MySQL, SQLite, Smarty, PhpMyAdmin, Xdebug and SQLiteManager.

Download and install it from here. The installation process is simple, all the components will be installed in one go and will be ready to use once the process is complete.

After installation is over, launch VertrigoServ and choose “Hide this window and start server”.

VertigoServ on launch

To manage various settings, right click on the VertrigoServ icon from the Windows system tray.

VertrigoServ system tray options


To check if WAMP is installed correctly, open a browser and type :


local web server using VetrigoServ

This should show the Vertrigo default page.

The webroot folder in VertrigoServ will be something like (“C:\Program Files\VertrigoServ\www).

www folder / document root in VertrigoServ

This folder will be the default folder for keeping all the web projects / document root and can be accessed directly from the Vetrigo system tray icon by right clicking and choosing “WWW folder”.

Various settings for VertrigoServ

To test if WAMP environment is ready to use, go to the www folder and make a test file in it as follows :

test file to check php settings

Save it as info.php

In the browser, type :


php info

The familiar PHP info page will show up indicating that the WAMP setup is ready.

All done.

To start creating web pages/web apps, simply add them in the WWW folder and test them in local browser. To quit VertrigoServ, again from the system tray, right click and choose “Shutdown and exit”.

This is an extremely useful and hassle free WAMP environment. Do give it a try.